Monday, 22 February 2010

Here is the (nit-picking) feedback from our presentation the other day. Read through it so we all have an understanding of where to take our project.


- Need examples of how the DIGITAL CEILING would look.

- MENU needs alot more attention (more sample names, visuals.)

- The FLOORPLAN was too small (f off, that was an example @@)

- How does the EXTERIOR look?

- Want to see ADVERTISING ideas.

Things we need to be clear about.

- How many SITTINGS? (lunch? etc.)

- How MANY restaurants?

- What does YO SUSHI have to do with it?

The missing link

- STEAMPUNK (a few people picked up that our restarant screams steampunk (need to research))


- Digital ceiling idea good.
- Logo designs good.
- Advertising ideas good.

Thankyou pree.


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